Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday's Memory: The One With the Small Group Lunch

end of may, 2007

i'd just driven back overnight from a wedding in n carolina
(which will be a monday's memory later this month...more on that later)

when i look at this picture i smile
yes, i look tired
(i was!)

but i was with such good people
(from front to back)

randy and lajuana now live in atlanta
calvin and kathryne i still see regularly
richard and suz took a worship ministry position at another church in town
and michael and jes now has an adorable baby, finnegan (finn)

we seemed to nearly always gather around mexican cuisine
on wednesday nights especially
although this was a sunday afternoon
anytime we gathered
we laughed
and loved

still love each other very much...
but times like the ones in this picture? very rare.



Karen said...

There's nothing better than spending time with good friends!

I'm suddenly craving enchiladas...

Katy and Ross said...

What a fun memory! My friends and I seem to gather around Mexican food too. Maybe it's something about the food?

Sassy Chica said...

what a lovely picture and of course anything is fabulous around Mexican Cuisine:D

Sassy Chica