Friday, August 27, 2010

fitness friday: worth it, or not?

an email came to me the other day
that really made me think

i gave up on energy bars a LONG time ago
i just don't like them
fake chocolate, fake taste
there are a few i can stomach
and once in awhile i'll try one in a pinch

but this article came and i thought of my friends who nearly live on them
and decided to share it with you :)

here's my fitness/nutrition tip of the day for you
and it sounds simple, and common sensical
(did i just make up a word? the little red line is under it, which may indeed mean that i did...)

anyway, here it is

if i don't like it
i don't eat it.

meaning, i'm not going to waste my calories for the day
on something i don't enjoy

if a salad has a vinaigrette on it that i hate?
not gonna eat more than the initial bite
if a "healthy" meal tastes like cardboard?
i'll go to the fridge and pull out some fresh veggies that i know i love
if a cookie or chip is stale?
don't bother

i think for the longest time i ate what was in front of me under the misguided assumption that i needed to do the healthy thing whether i liked it or not

the problem was that in many cases i didn't like it

and so within a few hours of a meal, i was reaching for something that would satisfy
therefore sometimes doubling my calories

clearly that didn't work.

now that i know tricks and tips to "lean up" just about any meal
i don't even bother with the health food aisle

full-fat ranch dressing please, on a salad loaded with veggies and no cheese
reduced fat sour cream or cream cheese in recipes only (not that i'll eat sour cream on it's own...blech)
sugar in my sweet tea and coffee
water most of the rest of the day

it's SO simple
but i'm much happier doing it.



Brooke said...

cob salad is my new addiction! :) you're right though, there are too many "healthy" things out there to resign yourself to something you don't like.

Bossy Betty said...

Thanks for being a follower at my blog. I really appreciate it!!

Love your food philosophy here. LIfe's too short--you know??