Saturday, August 7, 2010

It's a Great Day to Shop Tax Free

the person who used to host weekend wordles is apparently not doing it anymore...but that won't stop me from posting mine anymore!
however, six word saturday is still alive and well :)

finally got to sleep in -- ahhhh!

i've just caught up on my sleep. i think...


tax free weekend here -- watch out!'s a good, but crazy time. i do need a few things here, but most of them (unfortunately) don't fall into that tax free thing. ah well :) i DO have a few coupons and deals to go and grab, so i'm planning out my trip right now. here goes nothing!


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Debbie said...

I went last year, really by accident. It was a mad house. I've decided that sale isn't going to get me out again unless it is on a computer or something like that!