Thursday, August 5, 2010

Thursday's Ten: smiles

let's review, shall we?
in the last 5 months, anthony has lost 2 grandparents
i've lost my house
i wound up in the emergency room
and my car was hit and run while it was parked
in front of anthony's parents house after his grandma's graveside service.
it's likely totaled
(although i haven't had the official word yet, so there is still hope)

and yet

it's been a good year.

meghan and i were talking about this very thing on our way to florida
that we had sucky 2008s
and that year, she said
that we were going to heal in 2009
and our 2010s were going to be amazing

we kind of giggled as we talked about what all has happened this year
and then we fell silent
and i said

"you know what?
this year has been amazing.
i wouldn't trade any of these experiences
or the provision that God has just poured out on me
for anything

i think i'm going to get to the end of this year
look back,
and say
WOW, what a ride!"

so while i do have a moment or two of down time
and shed tears
and hurt for those who are hurting
and ache for the loss of my car (maybe)

i can't shake the feeling
the knowledge
that God is raining down blessings on me

and so,
sometimes i have to find a reason to smile
in things that i would normally not notice
but i'll tell you something
i'm aware
now more than ever
that the little things sometimes aren't so little after all

so this week, my reasons to smile have included

1. the cashier at kroger literally opening a self-checkout like just for me
(and he closed it as soon as i'd paid)
2. a scarf that my friend laura bought for me last week just because
3. couponing trips that were just ridiculous
4. buying a set of (cheap) new sheets and putting them on the bed fresh out of the dryer
5. actually writing down the amount of money that i needed God to provide me with this week...and watching Him MULTIPLY it
(that one actually made me laugh. who was i to think i could limit Him anyway?!)
6. laura's response to #5 when i told her was "holla back Sugar Daddy!"
(that made me laugh harder)
7. worship on monday night
8. seeing that i have 3 tomatoes getting ready to pick (i haven't yet had one this summer and it's way.past.time)
9. watching the weight go down every time i step on the wiifit...that revelation was for REAL, y'all!
10. watching 30 rock last night with anthony and our good friends kyle and natasha (kyle is anthony's new roomie)

smiles. laughter. joy

a month or so ago, one of the leaders of our small group, chad, had a vision for me
he said he saw me playing the piano
with one hand
only hearing that one part
but playing it perfectly

and he said
that during this season of my life
i can only hear my part
that i know God is playing His
but i can't see it
or hear it
i'm just trusting that it's blending perfectly with mine

and he said
that i'm doing exactly what i'm supposed to do
playing my part
not in a fake way
but in all sincerity
i'm exactly where i'm supposed to be
and the song that results from this
is beautiful

and he said further
that the level of JOY in this season of my life
is absolutely astounding

pretty much describes life as i've come to know it

and i love it.

what's made you smile this week?


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Laura said...

Your gratitude makes me smile.