Saturday, August 21, 2010

it's a great day to celebrate 2 years

Anthony and I are celebrating -- 2!

ok, so he's sick (fever and general yuckiness)
but that doesn't mean i won't take him his anniversary card
(we're buying tickets to Les Mis for our joint anniversary gift)
and spend some time with him

likely sitting on his couch
watching 30 rock
and attempting to convince him
to eat something for dinner so that we can eat together

not exactly how we planned to spend the day
but we'll be together
and that's what matters

happy 2 years, sweetie :)



aspiemom said...

Congratulations! I've been married 18 1/2 years to the same person and it doesn't seem like it at all.

Hope he feels better so you can go out!

NorCalMom said...

Congratulations to the two of you!

Megan said...

Awww, happy anniversary!! Hope he feels better asap!!

Bethany said...

Happy 2 years! I can't believe it's been 2 years already!