Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thursday's Ten: the "new" car edition

car shopping is exhausting.
it's especially exhausting when your car was 7 years old, and the payment from the insurance is reflective of that.
it's especially exhausting when you have little money of your own to couple with it...and when you don't at ALL want to go down the road of financing because the only dealers who will finance a recent foreclosure are going to be basically loan sharks (plus, you don't want a car payment. at all.)


but then i remember that God has amazingly provided for me countless times this year
and so
why not now?

i remember texting some good friends that the car may be totaled, that i was really sad about that (Ali was my BABY), but that maybe this was God's way of saying " here's a new car".
and so i said "bring it!"
(still hopeful that i could have MY car back. but no, not this time)

i mean, really. in the last 4 months i've been stripped from the house that i loved and the car that i loved...and both were "taken" away. in the house's case, it was due to a humongous error on the mortgage company's part. in the car's, it was due to me parking on the street and the wrong person coming down the road to play tackle football with my car. yes, i played a part in both...yes, i can shoulder some of the blame in both cases. but in no way was either completely my fault.
which is kind of nice. no shame there.

since God is clearly up to something here
i'm making a list of what i'd like in a car. a couple of them are non-negotiables (the sunroof, for example. i seriously get a slight case of SAD when the time changes in the fall, and i NEED to have access to the sun). the others are just "what the heck. why not ask for this too?"

1. sunroof (or a convertible...haha)
2. a color that i love. this is different for me based on what kind of car it is, since different cars look good in different colors to me.
3. i'm not picky about leather or cloth interior...but IF leather, then i must have heated seats
4. good sound system (i'm not one of those lovely bass boomin' people at stoplights, but i do like to get in a groove)
5. a sporty look. please, please, no boring sedans. sedans with a sporty edge, sure.
6. good gas mileage. i'm not opposed to an SUV, i just want it to get decent mileage
7. lowish mileage. i drive a lot. i have family scattered all over. i'd like to get a few years out of the car.
8. trunk access in a car (rear fold-down seats, preferably 60/40 split). suv, well that doesn't so much matter.
9. FUN to drive
10. a good value. i don't want to rip anyone off, but i certainly don't want to be ripped off either. i would prefer not to use my entire insurance settlement...i'd like a few hundred dollars leftover to stock away in savings for awhile.

what would you add if you were me? (or you were looking)


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kris said...

I guess I have my dad's mentality when it comes to cars: affordable and gets you from point A to point B reliably.