Tuesday, March 8, 2011

hey, it's ok (tuesday) .6

hey! it's ok...

... that on your first day of "break" you did nothing of too much substance.  there's 4 other days to be productive, and enjoying some free time is not a bad thing!
... to think that one of the children on "sid the science kid" is the most annoying child EVER and that you're glad you don't know her in real life
... to be excited about the date we have set to set up our registries. 
... to have set a craaaaazy goal of minutes to work out this month.  i'll tell you at the end if i make it :D
... to have no idea what to give up for Lent this year
... to be a bit overwhelmed by wedding/honeymoon plans.  but it's a good overwhelmed.


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