Tuesday, March 29, 2011

hey, it's ok (tuesday) .7

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hey, it's ok

... to think the folgers commercials are a bit over the top. the latest one shows people drinking out of a ramekin and creamer cup because they can't spend the 2 extra minutes to locate the box marked "mugs" in the kitchen they just moved into.  i mean, really?

... to expect your phone and computer to communicate simply because they are both made by apple.  why is syncing such a nightmare?

... to think the spicy chicken deluxe combo from chick-fil-a is preferable to any other chicken meal EVER.
(but in all fairness, i don't love chicken.  i'm a beef girl)

... to have discovered and fallen in love with pinkberry.  this is not necessarily a good thing!

... to be excited about starting our registries this weekend.

...to not have a CLUE what we're going to register for.  it's overwhelming!



Brooke said...

be really sure you want than $50 pillow before registering - someone might actually get it for you.

ps - its worth it!

HappyascanB said...

You'll be fine with registering! Most places start you off with a recommended list of sorts to help you focus and know what to register for. Beware of giving A the gun, though. . . I was unfolding a towel in Macy's to see how long it was. I looked down to see Tim was "shooting" my . . . ahem. . . breasts with the gun. True Story.

Have fun!!!

CptnMayhem said...

I am totally doing that, HappascanB.

Even if my mom and aunt are with us.

Thank you for giving me that idea ; )