Thursday, March 10, 2011

thursday's ten: diy centerpieces

that's right, ladies and gentlemen. i hereby vow to NOT let this become a wedding blog (or a marriage blog...or a baby/kid blog when that time comes) BUT because this is the stage of life i'm currently in, expect at least one post per week about wedding planning!

so, we're on a pretty tight budget and i've been perusing the internet for ideas for beautiful and cool things to do. i'm a teacher, and our motto is pretty much "beg, steal or borrow" so i have no qualms about it!

i have found SO many cool ideas, just in the last week or two for DIY centerpieces. some of them are cool enough that i'll probably keep them in a file for future entertaining ideas. we plan to host people in our home quite often, so i am anticipating needing ideas for beautiful and inexpensive decor!

here are 10 of my current favorites (it was hard to limit the post, so there may be another post or 3 of these before october!)

(clicking on the picture will take you to the original site.)

harvest centerpiece -- definitely appropriate for our october date!

these candles are STAMPED.  genius.  another tutorial on the same site uses vellum paper

morrocan is not our theme, but these were too cool not to include (i would make sure to wrap wire at the top to hide the obvious lid grooves if i were doing it...but that would be easy to do with copper wiring and copper paint instead of gold!)


LOVE this "chandelier" made with varying heights and styles of taper holders.  gorgeous.

 we likely will not use flowers in our centerpieces, but if we DO, this would be a fun way to incorporate a few.


our reception site ceiling isn't low enough for this one, but how COOL is it?!  if i ever host a crafting party...

mmm-kay, this one is UBER cool and a great way to recycle your own wine bottles!

for a summer wedding?  perfection.  and honestly, for our fall wedding we're considering using apples and other appropriate "harvests", so this could be adapted.

another relatively inexpensive way to use florals

if we were having a winter wedding...but i can TOTALLY see myself making this for a dinner party in mid-january...

it's a little overwhelming to find so many GOOD ideas!  i definitely have some thoughts running through my head of what i envision on our tables, but i'll have to play around with it some before i announce it here :)

what did you do?  or what do you think you'll end up doing when that time rolls around?



Bethany said...

I've done the candle stamping. It's actually really easy if I remember correctly :) I'm glad you're getting some awesome ideas!

Brooke said...

the venue i chose already had center pieces out - so i just went with that. the original plan was to do pictures framed of everyone else's wedding photos. i'd solicited them before i realized they wouldn't be needed. instead we arranged them on the piano and it looked great!

Vanessa said...

you're right, all of them are beautiful!

HappyascanB said...

LOVE the chandelier candles! You could totally be on the look out for great glass / crystal candle holders at all sorts of places, including Salvation Army and Goodwill, I bet! So fun!

Renee said...

I was married looong time ago, but we did mini fish bowls with potporri in the bottom with a tea light candle in top potporri. I've also seen the bowls with food coloring to "dye" the water and put a floating candle in. Very similiar to the one with the flowers in the glass bowl, but candles instead.