Thursday, March 3, 2011

thursday's ten: on my daily drives

today's ten is a photo journey...and unfortunately not all of them are mine.  as much as i find taking pictures from my car window fun, it's not always the safest thing ever...

photos obtained elsewhere are marked as such :)

please join me in this!  i'd love to see the strange and unusual things around where you call home!

1. batman building
photo from google images
it's the most recognized part of our city's skyline...and i still smile when i see it

2. traffic circle on music row
photo taken by me
natives have their own nicknames for it, but the official name is "musica"

3. "that awful mailbox"
photo by me
i discovered this mailbox years ago when driving to babysitting jobs. it's on a well-traveled street just off the interstate, and it's U-G-L-Y. i don't even know what it's supposed to be...a dead animal? a portion of one? any ideas?

4. krispy kreme
photo courtesy of google images
the original nashville krispy kreme was just down the street from my university (that's right. the ritzy universities got the starbucks and the eclectic shopping areas but WE had easy access to the "hot now" sign.)
clearly, i don't make it a daily stop, but it is nice to indulge every few months :D

5. front yard phonebooth
photo shakily taken by me
somewhere, on a residential street in our fair city, is a family who owns (and is quite proud of) a phonebooth from the UK. i played creepy stalker and took a night picture of it, but i didn't linger TOO long, so it's not a fantastic shot. sorry.

6. odd tours
photo courtesy of google images

photo taken (badly) by me

photo on company website
who wants to see nashville like a normal person? we have the nash trash tours as well as the redneck tours. i've seen both out and about, but only been able to snag a photo of the redneck bus--and in the rain at that! :)

7. walmart valet parking
photo taken by me
i have NO idea what the reason is, but there is a wal-mart in town that has valet service. hilarious...and i want to try it every time!

8. parthenon
photo courtesy of google images
complete with a huge statue of's a pretty impressive replica. it's also in one of my favorite parks!

9. casino style movie theater
photo courtesy of google image
i kid you not, it's a theater. it's obnoxious, but i don't think anyone in nashville would be able to handle it if it wasn't lit up like this every night :)

10. super secret target parking lot
photo by me
ok...i hesitate to post this. BUT there IS a target in town with a secret lot. i refuse to say which one, but it exists, and here's photo proof, kinda ;)

so...what's a bit different about where YOU live? :)



Vanessa said...

Hmmmm...I'll hafta think about this come up with ten I may have to post NEXT week! But I love yours!

Rose said...

Lora, I actually know what that mailbox is. I live in that neighborhood, and the local newsletter interviewed the people in that house. The man who lives there is actually the artist who created it. He had just had some kind of major surgery and was on a lot of pain meds when this particular mailbox was born. He remembers being inspired by Little Shop of Horrors and Harry Potter. But even he doesn't know what it is. In fact, he put the mailbox in front of his own home because he would have been ashamed to sell it to anyone else. So there you go. That mailbox is: nothing.

PS The Casino Theater is like my favorite thing about this town.