Thursday, March 31, 2011

thursday's ten: registry, registry

sorry for the late start's been a crazy morning already :)

today's 10 is back in the wedding swing of things: things we're registering for
(i almost made a top 10 list of things finn plays with that are not toys.  like the water bottle he's been obsessed with for the last 10 minutes.

<center><a href=""><img border="0" src="" /></a></center>

(all these can be found on the websites of one of the three places we're registering...williams-sonoma, bed bath & beyond and target.  oh if ONLY ikea were near here...)

1. stand mixer.  of course.

2. food processor (haven't selected the brand/model yet)

3. something to make the office space a little more fun/funky.  like this lamp.

or this one

or this one (floor lamp)

4. a slipcover for his sleeper sofa...for the guest room/office
5. an air mattress (for camping AND guests.  wait, did i just write "camping"?  yikes.)
6. fluffy towels!
7. good knives (any advice on brand there??)

8. fun casserole dishes

9. a toaster oven

10. a vacuum cleaner.  because the two we have are kinda crap. (and by "crap" i mean mine sucks some stuff up and his sucks up less)

and of course, fabulous sheets. :-)

what was on your registry that you're glad you added?
what was on your registry that you didn't need after all?



Vanessa said...

love your list! i would love to have a fun lamp like the first one you posted. we just bought a new vacuum. we have 3 now, only because I didn't toss the other two yet. But we bought one of the shark vacuums and I love it! One thing they advertise is that it never loses hasn't since I've been using it!

Brooke said...

i'd suggest taking a tiny step up to a convection oven. only slightly bigger and totally bad @$$