Tuesday, September 13, 2011

hey, it's ok (tuesday)

hey, it's ok

...to really not like yogurt. like, at all.
...to sometimes wish that all the batteries would disappear out of the noisy and annoying toys
...to reaaaaallllly be ready for the new iPhone to be released already.
...to totally lay down on the couch and take the shortest catnap* ever while the baby is strapped in her chair eating breakfast. it was an early morning and it's the only time she's contained! ha.
...to be excited about the gifts for my bridesmaids. i'd get detailed, but a few of them read this blog...
...to have found it a total blessing that the second family i was working for switched childcare options on me. it has made my mwf schedule completely flex, and i can now babysit those days as well as working in the office. frankly, i'd rather work for clients i know and adore than the people who "broke up" with me via a text message!
...to be really looking forward to my lingerie shower/bachelorette party this friday. mainly because it means most of my best girlfriends will be in the same place as me for several hours! the other stuff is just gravy :-)
...to have hung out in the room with all the guys instead of the girls this past sunday afternoon. hey, football was on. just because my trams both lost doesn't mean i don't watch!
...to still be getting used to the new look for blogger dashboard.  but i like it?
...to be ready for naptime. for baby g. and who am i kidding...for me too :-)

*by "catnap" i mean i laid on the couch with one eye kind of closed and relaxed for 10 minutes while she ate the healthy and nutritious breakfast i'd made for her.  i just needed to rest! :-)

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Diane said...

I tried the new blogger dashboard and I hated it so I switched back to the old. I hope they don't make me switch to that for good!

Rose said...

You know what, Lora? I agree. All of that is totally okay.