Tuesday, September 27, 2011

so...how much weight DID you lose? and other questions about hcg

here's the skinny (ha!  see what i did there?) on my hcg diet results

honestly, i wanted to wait a bit, because technically i'm still losing weight.  at a much, much slower rate.  but it means that the diet -- cleanse and metabolism reset -- did exactly what i wanted it to do :-)

total pounds lost: 25 (ish)
total inches lost: 32.5
jean/dress sizes down: 3 or 4 depending on the clothing item

i'm now comfortably wearing about 1/3 of my professional wardrobe.  which is great -- i don't have to go shopping for new cute clothes because i already own them!  i AM planning to go get a few new items to wear on the honeymoon.  because, i need an excuse to go to anthropologie and spend a few bucks.  :-)

i've chosen to keep some of the habits of the diet -- low sugar, low carb.  now...i do enjoy my pasta.  but not every day.  i eat bun-less burgers or sandwiches, choose a wrap over bread, and space out the meals that are higher carb/starch so that i'm not eating pasta and potatoes back to back for example.

i'm happier with lean proteins, and i actually enjoy chicken.  for the first time ever!

and i don't deprive myself.  after all, pumpkin delights are back!

but the number is still going down, slowly and surely.

i recognize the girl in the mirror again.

and i feel good about where i am.

is my body perfect? nah.
am i in a size 4 again? not yet
but am i feeling better than i've felt in years?
you bet.

at first i thought my perspective on food had completely changed
but then i realized that i never had a skewed perception of *food*

my perception of ME
my treatment of myself
that's what was skewed
(and screwed up, truly)

and now that i'm healing
now that i'm recognizing myself again
the healthy food choices
that i've known and wanted all along
are falling into place

hcg gave me the kick-start
the push
the feeling of success through hard work
that i needed to get motivated

i'm not where i absolutely want to be
but i'm on the way
and i feel great
and i'm HAPPY




Sara said...

I'm very proud of you and excited for you! I hope you can keep up your new habits, and maybe send some of the positive vibes this way!

Amanda said...

That's amazing! Props to you :) I lost your blog link for awhile so I'm catching up, but I'll have to google this diet - never heard of it!