Sunday, September 18, 2011

meal planning 9.18 - 9.24

so as i go through and make some of these recipes again i'll be updating the recipe posts with step-by-step pictures when needed...and at least better quality photos of the end result!  my new kitchen has much more room to spread out, and incredibly better lighting. 

dinner: lasagna.  his mom's recipe, and he's cooking it! woo!

flank steak wheels with greek salad

stir fry night (ginger noodles for me, terriyaki for him) with trader joe's chicken cilantro wontons

shepherd's pie

bbq chicken pizza with anthony's sisters (two pizzas: sweet bbq sauce for him, spicy for me)

dinner on our own: he's having a guys night in while i'm having a kitchen/linens shower at one of their (our, i suppose :-) family friends houses

lunch: chicken burgers with garlic-rosemary mayo
dinner: on our own.  i'm i'll take leftovers with me


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Vanessa said...

Of all the things listed, Sheperds Pie sounds so yummy to me right now. :) We love it in our house!