Thursday, September 15, 2011

thursday's ten: the 'meep' edition

we're at 23 days, people.

and so? here's the skinny on what is done for the wedding since the last time i posted!

1.  chair rental is taken care of. 
2.  invitions are ordered and on their way
3.  engagment photo session is done
4.  cake selected
5.  flower place chosen, working on the order
6.  dress alterations begun (it had to go down a couple of sizes...)
7.  centerpieces for reception in process
8.  most of the food for the reception is purchased
9.  wedding coordinator person booked
10. moving most of both of our stuff to the house (i still consider that wedding stuff, since it'll help s be more settled and less stressed on oct 8 to be all moved in!)

what's left?  well, nitty gritty details (like the exact music, program order, etc) and paying for stuff.  lots and lots of stuff.  sigh.



HappyascanB said...

So! Exciting! When's the date? Or are you not telling here? You're on the ball for sure! And I LOVE thar your dress had to be taken up! Go YOU!!!

Brooke said...

alterations down? woot!!! :)