Tuesday, September 20, 2011

hey, it's ok (tuesday)

hey, it's ok

...to have found a line of suuuuper comfy sweatpants (bamboo and organic cotton, thank you) that you pretty much want to live in.
...to be planning one full evening of creating tomorrow. here's hoping the necklace i have in my head is as fantastic as i think it will be!
...to be honored that i have been chosen to take over the boss's emails and other duties while she's away. considering i have only been at this job since late july, that's pretty cool...and YAY for extra hours worked meaning extra money for wedding stuff!
...to be nerdily (?) excited about the idea of sitting down with my future hubby and coming up with a tentative monthly budget. now...if only we could find a time to SIT.DOWN. ;-)
...to hope that the 24/7 post office is still in service, since i will most likely need to use it wednesday late!
...to feel a *need* to find your label maker for pantry items and the storage room. because, whats more fun than a crisp and shiny label on stuff?
...to hope that there is a fabric out there that both anthony and i will LOVE to recover the couch in the living room with. i so want my red and turquoise scheme, and that just isn't going to happen with the couch in it's present condition.
...to be absolutely one hundred percent disgusted by the slug you found eating the cat food late last night. what is the DEAL with that anyway? been there, done that...maybe i should find some high-sodium food for emi.

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Rochelle@AFamilyofLooneys said...

Ahhh comfy sweatpants. Wish I could live in them. I bet your necklace will turn out fantastic.

Brooke said...

i big puffy heart label makers. sadly, i don't own one. maybe i need to fix that.

Mattie said...

Ew to the slug!!!! And if you are talking about the Royal Pkwy PO, it is not 24/7 any more....but it is open til 9pm weeknights, 8pm Saturdays, and 12-6 on Sundays....but I think you can "mail" things via Fedex from the Kinkos on Donelson Pike 24/7?