Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Crazy Neighbor Lady Chronicles; Volume 4

Remember the Crazy Lady next door?

Well, ladies and gentlemen...she strikes again.

I was babysitting the other night when Mattie (who is the normal and fun lady next door) texted me.

"There is another note taped 2 her tree. I'm afraid 2 look"

Of course I urged her to look at it, and later on I get another message:

"It was about the tree."


I was thinking dog a request to remove the squirrel that continually pelts the cars...a hate letter about Mattie or me...

My response was

"Sounds about right."

So I called her a bit later and she told me it wasn't written on normal paper. We spent some time upon returning from work the next day trying to figure out exactly WHAT it was and finally decided it was a towel like you would wash your car with.

(We couldn't just go up and touch it. She was home and the blinds were open. Cra-zy doesn't need any encouragement to come out and start a conversation with us.)

Later that night, under cover of darkness and noting that her blinds were closed I touched it and confirmed that our conclusion was indeed correct.

So the question is...

does it make her MORE crazy or less that she had the forethought to write it on something like that just in case it rained?

You want to see the note you say?

All right then.

Note the size of that tree, ok?

Now here's the note:

"Unless you have an order to cut down this tree, please just trim off the dead parts. I changed my mind as it does provide some shade & helps keep heat out.
Do you have an ordet order to cut down the tree (bush should be) at side of house. I hope so.
Any question, knock on 725 door. Thanks"

Uh...last time I checked the yard crew/association doesn't communicate via notes. Nor take orders from residents to cut down trees if they're not damaging anything or in danger of falling on our roof.

And it's been this point...for a full WEEK. It's HUGE. I've had 3 people come to my house in the last week whose first words were "What is THAT?"

It's in front of MY parking space.

Can I leave a note asking for no more crazy please?

Oh well. Gives me something to blog about.



tara said...

Lol, do it, leave a no more notes note!

Nellyn said...


Crazy people make me laugh! I thought maybe she would write the note on a towel-ish material because it would be rude and insulting to leave a note written on behalf of a tree on paper...

Bethany said...

Oh my gosh, so funny!!! She's so WEIRD.

HappyascanB said...

How STRANGE! I think her brother might've lived on the end of my street. . . .until he got committed. Seriously.

Mattie said...

We can only HOPE she will get committed, right, Lora????

yonca said...

OMG, She is wierd!
I agree about 'no more crazy' note
Have a great evening!

Megan said...

LOL Hilarious! What a NUT!!