Monday, September 21, 2009

Monday's Memory -- The One Where I Buy My Own Place

Wow, do I ever look young in that picture.
Well, I was. I still remember the guy at the first mortage company I called saying "Most 23 year olds don't buy houses."
This one did. And went with an option other than Mr Grumpy-pants. Ok, so I was 24 when I closed and moved in, but the deal was set in motion before that birthday.

I was a lot skinnier then, and my walls were not the color I would have chosen...there was an awful border around the kitchen...and my dad spent the weekend he and mom came to visit fixing 2 of the 3 toilets in the place.

But it was mine.

The furniture and decor was "early graduate" or "late college poor"

But it worked.

And while I accumulated more "stuff" and bought better furniture eventually, I don't know as I'll ever forget the moment when I signed those papers.

Responsibility, adulthood, and overwhelming joy.

I've had a few scary moments over the last 13 months when I thought I may not be able to keep the house. Thankfully (so far) the mortgage company has been very understanding and willing to work with me.

But it's definitely reminded me not to take this home, this place of refuge for me, for granted.




Brooke said...

i have to say that i'm a little jealous. i turn 30 next year and still haven't taken that step.

Amber Page Writes said...

There's nothing better than looking at the four walls around you...even if they're still covered in smoke stains from the previous owner's bad habit, and saying "this is mine."

I love my house too!

Bethany said...

I love your house- I love that it's yours and I love how it's decorated :)

Kaylen said...

Wow--that was really young to buy a house!!! Good for you!!!
I just bought my first house at age 35. I didn't think it would ever happen really...and I may never ever be able to retire, but I have a home that's all my own forever and ever!!