Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday's Ten: Where You Live

Welcome to Thursday's Ten! Please link up or grab the button (and let me know so I can visit you) and write your top ten list! It can be about anything or nothing, what's going on in your life or 10 of your favorite things. Or you can go with the theme I've picked out.

I have a friend visiting me right now, in town for a convention at Opryland Hotel. My house is slightly cheaper than the hotel :0) so she is bunking here.

Now, Angie's been here a few times, so I don't feel the need to "show her around town" like I once did. But if she were brand new to town I definitely have 10 places I'd love to take her (and a few of them she still hasn't done!)

So that's today's Top 10. What 10 places around where you live would YOU take a brand new visitor to your area?

Here's mine:

1. Radnor Lake
gorgeous area, great hiking, easy/intermediate and difficult trails (so something for all), and wildlife at every turn.
2. Pancake Pantry
you've gotta do it at least ONCE while you're in Nashville. The line out the door is legendary, but it's worth it for the experience!
3. Cheekwood
Botanical gardens--so with every season it changes just a bit. My favorite is the Japanese meditation gardens though. Soooo pretty and peaceful. I could spend hours.
4. The Zoo
We're members, so our guests (up to one per person, and children under 3) are free! It's a pretty zoo, and we're always getting new animals and exhibits. It's come a LONG way since I went for the first time in college and remarked "there aren't any lions or tigers OR bears...oh my!"
5. The Village
a grouping of eclectic shops and restaurants...definitely a cross-section of Nashville culture!
6. Parthenon/Centennial Park
A replica of the Parthenon in Greece, it even houses Athena (and an art museum). The grounds around are gorgeous as well, and hold events such as walks/runs for charities, swing dancing, Shakespeare in the Park, free movies on the lawn in the summer, and community concerts.
7. Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum
for the country music lover, or just plain music lover. It's something you do once.
Now if you're hardcore into country you should also do the honky-tonks, the Ryman, and Grand Ol Opry.
8. The Frist Center
Nashville's major art museum, and it's always got a traveling exhibit. My favorite so far was the Impressionists, which is really no surprise!
9. Trader Joe's
I'm not kidding. Unless they have Joe in their city I take my guests to meet him.
10. Franklin, TN
Voted the best small town in Tennessee for several years, Franklin is an adorable town with tons of history, a quaint town square, and cute shops and places to eat.

Of course, I'd love to take my guests to a concert or Titans game, walking up and down 2nd avenue on a Friday night, and to Opryland Hotel...but those are the places most tourists see. I like to be a little different!

What about you? Where would you take me if I came to visit YOU?

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Mattie said...

I also take people to the downtown library. It's gorgeous! And so unique with the Civil Rights Room, the outdoor terrace area, and usually some kind of art exhibit on the middle floor-and cheaper than the Frist!

Brooke said...

crap, i keep meaning to join you and keep forgetting. sorry!

my family stayed at the opryland hotel once. it was so expensive we shared a tiny hotel room between me, my parents, and my grandparents.

HappyascanB said...

Lovin' this meme!!! And I learned a little about my hometown in doing it!!! Now, when are you coming to Macon to visit!?!?! :)

Laura said...

Top of the Washington Hotel.
Great view of the city.

Stephanie O'Neill said...

I loved reading about Nashville! There are so many great things to do in your city. Thanks for sharing!

Bethany said...

Fun, fun! Quite a few of those sound very familiar to me, can't imagine why! ;) Have fun with your friend! My sisters were in town so we did Easton (big shopping center) and a festival downtown, plus a piano bar I LOVE...Cheesecake Factory...I think that's all we could fit in one day! No wonder I'm still tired.

Leslie said...

Hmmm.. I didn't do any of those things when I visited Nashville. LOL