Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday's Ten -- Your Bucket List

Welcome to Thursday's Ten! Please link up or grab the button (and let me know so I can visit you) and write your top ten list! It can be about anything or nothing, what's going on in your life or 10 of your favorite things. Or you can go with the theme I've picked out.

So, I've been thinking a lot lately about goals. Some of them silly, some of them strange, some of them deep and real. I am planning to do a big "30 before I'm 30" year starting next March, so I guess this post is kind a precursor to that.

What's on your bucket list? The things you want to do before you leave this world? That's what Thursday's Ten is about this week.

(clearly there are more than 10 things that most of us want to do before we die...just pick out 10 to share!)

Here's mine:

Bucket List

1. Get married and have children
2. Visit Ireland
3. Volunteer at an eating disorder recovery center
4. Drive the coast of the western US in a convertible...from Washington to SoCal.
5. Become licensed to teach yoga
6. Take a cruise
7. Enroll in a ballroom dancing class
8. Run a marathon
9. Learn to swim
10. Attend an Inauguration

sign up on the linky or grab the button and let me know you're participating...see you on your blog!



Sandra said...

Thanks for visiting my site. I AM enjoying the beach today. About to take a bike ride. Glad to find your site too!

Clare said...

I did a list of 10 this morning without knowing you were doing this!

Brooke said...

i had a hard time coming up with ten. i guess i need to dream more!

Anonymous said...

I just put my list up one my homekeeping blog. I tried to grab your button, but must have done something wrong because I couldn't get it to work.

Nadirah Angail said...

This is a good idea. I should do one too. Thanks for coming by, dear.

Bethany said...

Awesome list, Lora. I'd LOVE to go on a cruise too- maybe that will be for my honeymoon? ;)

Debbie in Nashville said...

What a great list! I'll have to make one too.

Leslie said...

Awesome!! I did a Before I'm 30 as well..