Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday's Ten

This is my first ever Thursday's Ten that YOU get to link up to!

I'm going to try to make a button for this little meme soon...but I'm pretty positive that one of my readers would be much more suited to this task, so if you have any suggestions about templates/websites to use for it PLEASE let me know!

Today's theme is a pretty easy one, I think.


10 things you love (or hate) about this season!
(if you're in another season, you can write about that...or you can choose not to follow the theme at all! Just please participate with your own list of ten things!)

Things About Fall in Tennessee

1. Lots of orange...not only in the trees but on the TN Vols fans!
2. Titans stadium is packed for every game, and early services at area churches see a big boost since people want to be there (or at home) for kickoff!
3. Squirrels throw acorns at you
(or at least the one that lives in the tree between my neighbor Mattie and myself does...)
4. It finally gets to be nearly perfect weather. Humidity is down, but there's still a nice warmth in the air
5. I finally get to pull out all my fun fall clothing!
6. AND I have an excuse to buy a couple of new items in the "new fall colors"
(which have been nearly the same for years, but who cares?)
7. Pumpkin spice lattes are back!
8. Less sun = more hiking with the boyfriend
(right honey?!)
9. Regular TV comes back, thank goodness
10. Soups are back in season. I LOVE me some good soup!

school starts again, and while that means no traffic, it also means no teenyboppers at Target on my lunch break...which is rather nice!

So...that's it! Please sign Mcklinky and join in!!!



Brooke said...

you're not kidding about the orange! the hubs and i are going to a game later this month. only its against his college alma mater so we'll be the only green in a sea of orange.

HappyascanB said...

I should add an addendum to my Top Ten. . . . I must admit I hate orange. As in Vol orange. . . . Florida orange. It's just awful ugly to a Red and Black Ga Girl!!! :) Fun times! I'm in!!!