Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Titus 2 Tuesday

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I met Laura a little less than a year ago, and we laughed about how similar both our names are--obviously our first names are similar, but her last name is VERY close to mine as well. I found out the night I met her (in December) that she had recently found out she was pregnant, and though it had been a shock she was embracing the idea of single parenthood and moving forward in the life she felt God was calling her to.

Laura will be the first to tell you that she thinks sex before marriage is not what God desires. In fact, she told me not too long ago that she needs friends to keep her accountable to this...and that she feels that getting pregnant was her "slap on the wrist" from God followed by a beautiful and wonderful blessing.

I love her attitude. I love how she loves her daughter, how she loves her friends, how she loves life. I've learned so much about faith from her...just this morning we were talking about financial stuff and how she's "surviving"...(she recently lost her job as well)...

Her statement through it all has been

"God isn't going to give me a gift that I can't take care of."

And since Israel (Izzy) is her gift...
They're taken care of.

I'm so thankful to have amazing friends like her in my life. Blessed to call her friend...blessed to have family...


(with our friend Meghan, very soon after we met)

(with her beautiful blessing)


HappyascanB said...

As always, thanks for participating! What a beautiful baby girl. . . a true blessing!

Molly said...

I love the progression of the photos, and how happy everyone looks in each of them!

thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm having a lot of fun with SITS!