Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thursday's Ten -- TV

Oh, how I love fall.

Yeah, it's nice outside, and sure it's beautiful with all the colors. And curling up on the couch with a blanket and a nice cup of hot tea and a great book...or the remote...

Which brings me to my next statement:

Fall TV is back!

I am admittedly a bit of a TV junkie. In my defense, I have over 18 years worth of catching up to do. My parents deemed the TV evil, so there was never a television at all in my house. I didn't grow up watching Full House, and the 80s teen angst movies were introduced to me in college.

(ironically enough, my parents bought a TV about the time I graduated from college. And watch it regularly. What gives?)

You may not be like me. You may not watch 10 shows at ALL, and you certainly may not have to narrow down your list to just ten. However, these are ten shows that I'm excited to have back!

Top Ten TV Junkie Loves

1. Grey's Anatomy (ah, McDreamy, McSteamy, McRomance, McDrama)
2. Desperate Housewives (my guilty pleasure)
3. Law & Order (all of them but especially SVU)
4. The Good Wife (it's a new one that I'm trying out)
5. The Mentalist (mmmmm)
6. Private Practice (I totally got sucked in)
7. CSI (again, all of them)
8. Criminal Minds (my alter ego would be in the FBI. Actually THIS ego would be in the FBI if she could...)
9. Medium (it often creeps me out but I LOVE it)
10. Parks and Recreation (because I need a little lightness after all those crime shows!)

So what about you? Or am I the only junkie out there?

Please join me! link up or grab the button in my sidebar (and let me know so I can visit you) and write your top ten list! You can go with the theme I picked out for the week, or choose your own if this one doesn't apply/appeal to you! It can be about anything or nothing, what's going on in your life or 10 of your favorite things.



Kristin said...

What about The Office??? : )

Zeemaid said...

I don't watch that many but I do really enjoy Criminal Minds, used to follow CSI and now am into My Name is Earl for a laugh.

My husband wants to check out True Blood. Not sure if I can do it.. I don't like it when it's too gory although I loved CSI so go figure. *L*

BLOG CRAZY! said...

I actually don't watch a lot of TV but I did get sucked back into Grey's this year my favorite can't miss show though is Extreme Home Makeover it gives me a warm fuzzy for the week!

Caitlin said...

Yay for CSI!!! Although I have to say that Las Vegas is my favorite...even though Grissom and Sarah and Warrick are gone...