Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dear Facebook Friend(s) (part 2)

I know you are excited about the birth of your first child, and understandably so.

And it has been fun to watch your belly grow, see the ultrasound pictures, and read on your status updates how you are going to be induced today! I have, in fact, been looking forward to seeing cute red wrinkly pictures of your little man.

But really? Do you HAVE to update at each CENTIMETER today? I presume the people who want to know that (ie your husband and mother) are already at the hospital with you. I'd really prefer not to have quite that much information. Hence the text I sent to dear boyfriend earlier:
"Oh geez. I don't need to know how many freaking centimeters you are dialated, keep that shit outta your facebook stat!"
Last count you were 8. Could you please not get on facebook again until your sweet baby boy is here? I promise I'll comment on the pics even if I think he's not so cute.

Thanks much,

your kinda-friend from college who'd rather not know all the gory details



Caitlin said...

...I don't think I would even be thinking about Facebook while I'm in labor...

...I hereby promise never to do that.

Because...awkward. *makes awkward turtle hand sign*

Aleta said...

FB while in labor, now that's an addict! Lol. I don't like seeing those types of updates either.

Brooke said...

who has time for FB whilst giving birth?????

MoxieMamaKC said...

Wow! I've heard of people doing crazy stuff like that, but seriously? Dilating should be kept to yourself in the privacy of your hospital room. WAY too much TMI!!!

Anonymous said...

I am SO signing this letter too! I have Infertility so these constant baby updates send a little twang to my heart every time.