Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday's Ten -- Bad Church Signs

Why Won't It Just.Stop.Raining??!

Ah Well.

I have a feeling the Thursday's Ten for today will be a recurring theme for me. Most of my friends know I "collect" these by now, and even go so far as to tell me when they've spotted them around town. What are they? Bad Church Signs.

You know the ones. They make you groan. They try to be funny (punny) or are just in bad taste.

You KNOW you've seen them. So share your favorite ones today on your blog!

Here are some pictures of actual church signs I've snapped in the last few months.

1. We spotted this one when we went to Texas. I made a trip down the sidewalk from the Subway we were eating lunch at much to the guy's chagrin!
(unfortunately it was way too dark to get a picture of the other one I found in Texas. "Church is a gift; assembly required.")

"Try not to look at the world through woes-colored glasses"

2. From right here in Nashville, folks. In fact, this little church is nearly directly across the street from Driving Ms N's subdivision.

"Life is hard Afterlife is harder."
So uplifting!

3. Another from our favorite uplifting church. This message was posted right before Easter. Don't know about you all, but if I were looking for a church to attend Easter services in and saw this message I'd run...the other way!
"But he that believeth not shall be damned. St Mark 16:16"
I'm kind of amused that they include the "St" in there.

4. One of my friends is a worship leader at this church. I really, really hope he doesn't also help choose the message on the sign.

"God sent you a text, read it every day"

5. On the way to our student retreat this fall, I found this church. Actually turned around and drove back to get a picture of this one!
"Be an organ donor give your heart to Jesus"
(Actual punctuation. Apparently the message will get out there whether we're grammatically correct or not.)

6. I don't even know where to begin with this one:
"Current Sermon Series: God's Good Vibrations - Psalm 23"
yeah. just gonna let that one speak for itself

7. This is actually the church I grew up going to, in Indiana. I was showing Anthony around town when we first arrived and was both mortified and excited to snap this picture.
"Exercise daily - Walk with the Lord!"
This could explain the obesity problem in that particular church...

8. Another one from my friend's church...this was actually a two-fer on the other side of the previous one...
"Worry is a darkroom where negatives develop"
another *groan* is necessary here

9. This one is especially cool because the message type (a red led display) quite matches the words.
"Exposure to the Son may prevent burning"
Oh my.

10. And finally, for those of you who like a play on words less obvious than "sun" and "Son"
"Praying will give you a calm-plex"
That really doesn't sound like a positive thing.

And as a bonus, this isn't a church sign persay, but we did run across it in TexasOk. I definitely don't expect you to have pictures, but I KNOW you've seen them. Or a quick google search will bring some up :0) If you'd rather do a Thursday's Ten about something else though, go for it! I'm easy...I just want you to play along too! Grab the button (code to your right) and sign Mcklinky!



Brooke said...

my least favorite are the Son-screen prevents burning ones.

Katy and Ross said...

I have always felt VERY blessed that my church does not have a sign out front :) But I do like to laugh at some of them and I agree that some are just beyond cheesy.

Portland Rose said...

Thanks for the comment! Are you a Rent fan?? Love your blog name!

Gabrielle Krake said...

I read those all over my town too, but they are usually a little more uplifting. hmmm... Makes me want to take pictures of them. :) Have a terrific day!

LOUDnPROUD said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!
these are great I will keep an eye out to see if I spot any good ones to share.

Bethany said...

Oh my gosh, those are so funny! I don't usually see funny church signs around here...I'll have to keep an eye out.

Christina said...

Hahaha those are HORRIBLE. Especially the van... I don't want to follow ANY vehicle that plans to send its passengers directly to the afterlife. ;-)