Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday's Ten

I've been spending quite a bit of time this week helping some dear friends move. I'm actually quite bummed about it (you can read more about it here), but have treasured this time packing up their memories with them. It seems right that I'm the one to help them with this move--I helped when they bought this house 3 years ago.

We've giggled a bit as we've thrown things into boxes and I've said "you're gonna wonder why in the world you have this when you get to Atlanta"

Of course, it's got me thinking.

What random weird things would I make SURE I took with me to the next house?
I'm not talking scrapbooks, Bibles, electronics or anything like that. Everyone assumes those things go.

I'm not even talking about the dishes from my grandmas house. I'm talking about the everyday, ordinary items that I would make sure stay with me no matter where I go. Some of them are sentimental and some are just plain stupid.

Here's 10 of mine:

1. my iPod alarm clock radio. It was a gift from LaJuana and Randy one year, and I love falling asleep to it.
2. a stuffed white tiger from Anthony. Her name is Zoe. I know, it's corny. But I love her.
3. Nicole and Lora's Big Book of Quotes. It's a relic from high school, and full of expressions that my friend Nicole and I created.
4. my exercise ball. I've had it since college. I use it rarely, but it will always travel with me.
5. cables for random cell phones and electronic equipment that is long dead or broken. I mean, what if I have a new piece of electronics that exactly fits that charger? Then I'll have an extra...
6. speaking of...3 old cell phones. 2 of them I still have plugged in for an extra alarm on days that I'm reallllly tired. one of them won't even turn on (it completely died) so I can't recycle it...but I can't get rid of it. what the heck?
7. my NAP blanket. Also a gift from Anthony, but seriously the warmest most comfortable blanket EVER.
8. flowers that I have dried--a couple from weddings I was in, and a couple from Anthony
9. a framed poem/song that a former roommate wrote for me when I graduated college
10. papers written by former students, and the 8th grade blues they wrote every year.

So there you have it. And believe me, there's more :0) What about you? What random things would you absolutely put in the boxes to move across the country, city, or street?

Grab the button and sign up if you're participating! You can make up your own list too, if you don't like today's theme. There really are no "rules" :0)



Aleta said...

I have some silly things in the attic that I would still take with.. collections that I've had since I was a little girl of those porcelain animals. I'd never display them anywhere, but I've had them forever it seems!

Brooke said...

how far in advance do you pick thursday's 10? i'm trying to plan posts to schedule when i'm out of town in two weeks. if you don't plan in advance i can just play along by making up my own top 10.