Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday's Memory: The One With Air Force One

I live really close to the airport in Nashville, and the school I taught at was just a few minutes from my house. One of the teachers on my team, Mr O, owns his own he naturally knows the flight paths in town.

We knew the President was coming into town that day (this was when George W Bush was in office) but since that was a fairly regular occurrence didn't really think much of it. Until Mr O came to my room during our planning time first period and told me a bit of insider intell. Apparently, the runway normally used for Air Force One was being repaired, so they would have to come in on the flight path directly above our football field!

So long story short, we let the kids watch the President come into town. I got a few pictures, although my camera at the time didn't quite have the zoom that I'm now used to!



Brooke said...

very cool! we had the former president speak at our events center - a Christian conference was held there and he was the main speaker.

Aleta said...

How cool is that! I think it's neat that you let the students out to enjoy it too. Think of the memories you created for them. :)

Katie said...

Thats very exciting!! I am originally from Nashville and know the area near the airport well so I am trying to figure out what school you taught at. :)

Bethany said...

Oh that's so cool! Nice pics! :)