Tuesday, June 8, 2010

page from my journal (2)

the seagulls are teasing me,
elusively avoiding my camera angles
yet coming close to beckon me
when i lay the instrument down

like so many dreams of life
which seem to taunt me
laughing as i raise my interest
as i try to capture them
only coming closer when i give up
i will chase my dreams

and today
i will capture
a picture
of a seagull

(i'm in delaware with a couple of friends...this was written yesterday as we boated around the bay...and yes, these pictures were taken...that day)



Brooke said...

gorgeous shots! as with the photos - you will get to your dreams, it might take longer than you want but they'll happen

Katy and Ross said...

I love those shots! They really make me hate being inside working :( Enjoy the beautiful weather!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! and I Love the new blog design - so pretty! :)