Friday, June 4, 2010

things that made me smile today

(erm...yesterday? and early today?)

the drive to work--gorgeous country roads (and only 15 minutes away from my house...perfect)
upon arrival to work, hearing P yell "hi! hi! hi!" before i could even see him
(he's SO precious!)
my voice student's smile when i told her the song she's been working on is nearly performance ready
babysitting tonight for children i go to church with but don't see on a truly regular basis...and hearing the oldest (a 4 year old little girl) say "i love you miss lora" out of the blue.
modern family reruns after the kids went to bed
extra money for next week's excursion because i took this job tonight.
emi being happy to see me when i finally got home
the tomato plants i planted yesterday still standing :) -- in fact, perked up quite a bit because of the slight shower they got this evening.

so even though i left my house at 7:45 am, and i just walked in the door at 12:26 am the following day ...

i'm blessed
i truly enjoyed all 3 of my jobs today
and even though i'm wiped out
i'd do it again
(not just to earn the money)...but because right now? i get to LOVE my job.
yeah, i'm not rolling in money
i still wonder about what's in my financial future
but i love what i do
and right now
in this moment
that's where i'm supposed to be.



Caution Flag said...

It's a gift to know you're in the right place :) Enjoy!

Katy and Ross said...

Loving your job is a BIG step! I work 8-5 for the government and it pays the bills and I'm content.
But at 5:00 I go to fun jobs! I babysit ALL the time and I keep the nursery for our church on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings. I get a ton of referrals from those kids and you would be amazed at the money you can make. It definitely helps pay the bills...and it's super fun! My hubby laughs because I have pictures on our fridge that the kids have drawn us :) It's so rewarding!