Monday, June 21, 2010

weight goes down and it's rewards

i'm adding to my little sidebar "weight goes down" button
you see, i have this big goal of approximately 50 pounds lost in total
but even though that's not THAT much
it's easy to get discouraged along the way when i see a pound lost at a time

i've also tried to reward myself in the past with different things...but they more often than not include food. uh, that's not helping.

so. here's my official weight loss reward system:

10 pounds lost = the "eat this, not that" book to go along with my "cook this, not that" cookbook
15 pounds lost = trip to storage to get clothing from my next size down :)
20 pounds lost = new book of piano music (possibly the Les Mis book)
25 pounds lost = one new piece of clothing from a favorite store
30 pounds lost = a pair of killer shoes
35 pounds lost = a new pic of a and i, in a frame
40 pounds lost = wii sports resort
45 pounds lost = private yoga session with my favorite teacher
50 pounds lost = new bathing suit, even if it's not swimsuit season anymore ;)

this could obviously change a bit, but i'm committed to a "reward" every 5 pounds. some are obviously more exciting than others, but i'll look forward to each one.

oh, and the only reason i didn't do a 5 pound one is because i've lost 5 pounds and gained 2 and lost 5 and gained 3 for the past month and a half. soooo, i'm starting rewards at 10 pounds down from my starting weight--which i'm approximately 5 pounds away from right now.



Bethany said...

I think it's a great way to keep yourself motivated! Good for you!!

Brooke said...

sounds like a great plan - and as gi joes says that's half the battle!

Mattie said...

Good luck! I've lost 16-20 depending on the day-LOL.

I also need to lose about 20-30 more, so maybe I will adopt your system too!