Tuesday, June 29, 2010

black and white...or gray?

seems like a lot of my favorite things are black and/or white

which carry my weekly coupons
white house, black market
which carries clothing that i love
the little black dress
my macbook

but so many things are just not.

and i find myself frustrated with those who try to make gray (or orange...or purple) things black and white.

like women's roles in the church
which i don't even think should be a discussion
like handing out condoms in schools
which i may not like, but i still support--as long as proper education is there as well
like whether alcohol is evil
i don't think it is...but i understand for some people it is, and i do respect that

(i sense longer blog posts for every one of those little categories in my near future!)

there are so many things in life that fall into that gray area
i like gray
what i don't like is people trying to explain away the gray
trying to dilute it into white or darken it to black
not all things are purely good
or purely evil

and i wonder
why we seem to find ourselves focusing on gray so often

here's what i know to be black and white

God loves me
He sent his Son
to save the world
john 3:16
my job now
is to help out however i can
...go into all the world...
to show people that love
to take care of the earth
not to be eco-chic, but to truly care about God's creation
to make my divine appointments
(or rather, to make my appointments divine)

that looks different for everyone
sometimes i'm not sure what it looks like for me
but that's what matters.

why focus on the gray?


1 comment:

Megan said...

Great post! Lots of things to consider. It is annoying when people try to do just as you said, make things gray when they're black or white or vise versa.