Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday's Ten: contemplation

if you're anything like me, you spend a bit of time "wondering" every day. it's not really worrying...just contemplating. trying to figure out how things work, what's going on. here are a few things i'm wondering about lately.

1. whether or not i should drop my health insurance coverage and put the money i would be spending on it in savings for emergencies of all sorts
(if it only pays 20% of my hospital bill and my premiums for a year would nearly pay that it really worth it? especially knowing that most places give a discount to uninsured patients?)
2. why i sneeze so dang much
3. whether my rosebush is salvageable
4. how to find a good vet for my baby girl
5. whether to bother buying some summer clothing right now--it's SO hot, but i plan to be in smaller clothing pretty soon, so i can suffer through the first 10 pounds in yoga pants and stretchy shorts, right?!
6. whether or not i care about soccer
7. when i can squeeze in my atlanta trip. it's happening, i just keep having other things come up! argh.
8. how to jump on the coupon queen bandwagon. i mean, i do it...casually. time to get serious!
9. when i get to see penguins again...
10. where on earth i put the plug to my computer adaptor...i mean, seriously...there are only a very few square feet to choose from here...ugh.

join me, won't you? i need to know i'm not the only crazy "wonderer" out there!


Brooke said...

stretchy shorts can sometimes be a girls best friend!! :)

the health insurance is a tough call. do you know when the legistlation mandating everyone be covered takes effect? you don't wanna drop it to save money, only to have to pay a penalty to the government for being uninsured.

HappyascanB said...

Oh how I could write a book on contemplations I'm having right now! 12 days into mommyhood, I feel like I'm full of questions!!

And I totally feel ya on the summer clothes business. I've got about 15 more pounds to lose to be back to pre-baby weight, so I don't want to buy too much now, hoping I can soon get into my regular clothes again.....

Debbie said...

My husband and I were JUST talking about insurance and what a crock it is. Although I'd never go without. My mom was without for a while and it almost ruined her.