Friday, June 11, 2010

planes, trains and cars...oh my

after a nightmare-ish trip back to nashville (first plane being delayed over an hour, second plane being delayed over an hour and full of CMA attendees followed by the second plane sitting on the tarmac for 45 minutes before heading back to the gate because there was a mechanical failure and the plane to replace it was on it's 2.5 hours...) and subsequently getting in after midnight when it was *supposed* to be before 8 pm, i realized something.

i still love to travel.

and i've done quite a bit of it in the last few months.

from the wedding in indiana
(of which i like exactly one professional picture of myself...but it's ok because it wasn't MY wedding, and by the time i'm the bride i'll be down to my goal weight :D)
*but i do like this picture of a dress that wouldn't zip up when i bought it but i had NO problem zipping at the rehearsal dinner!*
to the trip to cosby, tn (next to gatlinburg)
where we laughed, prayed and generally forgot that it had been nearly 10 years since we'd all been together
where beth announced the arrival of her second child, come january
where i cooked my famous vodka pasta for us all (alchi cooked out for my preggo friend)
and where we got exactly one picture together.
and then to delaware
where i hung out with laura, israel, and israel's daddy ryan
where we cruised the bay in a speedboat
watched izzy get cuter
lay out on the beach
stayed up watching tv at all hours
and shopped til we (at least izzy) dropped

and there are a couple of more summer excursions planned

i'm seriously considering
attempting to get training
to be a flight attendant

i mean, i love to fly
love people
love to see new things

the only thing that's kept me from doing this in the past
(yes, i've wanted to do it for years)
has been that the pay scale was lower than what i was used to
and i was concerned about keeping up with the mortgage and other bills.

in case you haven't heard
i no longer have a mortgage
which right now i'm looking at as a big 'ol blessing

and while it's quite a bit different from anything i've done
wouldn't it be a BLAST?!
and what's stopping me from pursuing something that would just plain be fun?
not a thing, that's what.

so perhaps next summer
i'll start flying the friendly skies
a bit more often

(anyone have any tips about best ways to get started in this? i'm assuming i'll just go through an airline and go through their training...but insight would be awesome :)



CptnMayhem said...

Go for it, babe :) I'm behind you 100% percent on this!

Brooke said...

i think its awesome that doors have opened up that make your dream seem to be a little more in your reach.