Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday's Ten: promises

i feel like it's important (for me at least) to do this every once in awhile. so here are the promises i'm making myself as of right now, in this moment.

1. i will not worry about money and where this or that payment will come from. thus far, God has provided my every NEED...why would i think that would change?
2. i will enjoy each moment instead of focusing on what's "wrong" with my life/finances. in the grand scheme of things, i'm so incredibly blessed...and it's only when people outside of myself start wondering aloud how i'm handling things or what's going on that i start questioning. i need to remember something my dad always quoted: "there's nothing that will happen today that God and i can't handle together"
(erm, i may have gotten a huge hospital bill last night since my insurance is crappy and been doing a bit of concerned thinking...)
3. i will enjoy time spent with children...even if they are whiney and argumentative with each other. it's tennessee, it's summer, and it's hot...we're all whiney.
4. i will continue getting active, continue my routine with WiiFit, and finally get up the nerve to go for a walk/run even though i'm afraid of an asthma flare-up. guess what? that's what my inhalor is FOR!
5. i will learn to can foods, specifically tomatoes. i read not too long ago that eating canned tomatoes from the store is awful for you and that if you must buy them you should look for glass jars instead. i figure if i preserve the ones i grow myself in glass jars i'll be one step better :)
(and yay for money saved...i use a LOT of canned tomatoes when i cook italian foods!)
6. i will take a hard look at composting. now that i live in a neighborhood where curbside recycling is available, it's much easier to be green in that steps would be compost and rain barrel...perhaps not this summer, but soon.
7. i will take a few moments each day to be intentionally grateful
8. i will continue 'settling in' at a reasonable pace
9. i will take emi to the vet for a check up
10. i will spend more time with those i love


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k80 @ onegirlsjourney said...

Great list! Good for helps to take things just one step/day/moment at a time! I am always learning that lesson!

I have my summer -to do list (maybe not as strong as promises) - but some goals I am setting for myself too.

Good for you! :)