Tuesday, July 19, 2011


earlier today, this hand

got stuck in this toy

and OH the tears.
oh the frustration when she realized the situation she had put herself into.
after all, it was HER choice
no one forced her into that position, no one said "glenda, try this"
and yet she found herself in a predicament that she didn't forsee
all from one simple choice.

as i gently went to help her out, she struggled against me
not realizing that i actually knew the best way to fix the problem--that i could see the whole situation and knew the best plan of escape

once i finally got her removed, i pulled her onto my lap and hugged her, soothing words whispered gently into her ear. and for a moment, she relaxed and let herself be held, but then she struggled against me and wriggled off my lap, shooting a look over her shoulder at me through the tears she was still crying.

for several moments she sniffled, cried, and seemingly recounted the story several times. not caring that i was only a few steps away ready to give consolation and comfort.

on the one hand, this was amusing to watch. on the other...i recognized myself. after all, if you start reading after the word "toy" you could easily substitute any person on this planet in a situation their choices got them into...a God who rescues them...and their inability to fully receive that love.

not quite as amusing when i look at it through those lenses.

be blessed today...and remember that there is a God who wants nothing more than for you to receive and embrace His extravagant love!

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Aleta said...

Wow. I love this post. I love how you took it from a simple story to God's love and through His lens.