Saturday, July 9, 2011

it's a great day to finish our registry

we have a registry set up at bed bath and beyond, and another at williams sonoma.  today we'll wrap up by creating one at target.  now that we know where we'll be living (if everything pans out -- we were accepted on wednesday!) it'll be easier to register for stuff for our new home in mind.

(meep!) we do that, tonight i'll cook us vodka pasta, the next day i'll head off to camp with our youth group and i'll be off the grid for pretty much a week...and when i come back i'll be on a *crazy* cleansing diet.  so most likely there will be no recipes of the week for about a month since i seriously doubt y'all will be remotely interested in what i'll be able to eat!

i'm going to try to have a few posts scheduled for while i'm away, but you never know.  oh, and please forgive me if i'm slow getting to your blogs...i keep my google reader caught up normally, but being off the internet for a week or so will lend itself to triple digits and that's a bit intimidating!

much love -- have a wonderful weekend and week!


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