Thursday, July 28, 2011

thursday's ten: in a trail mix...

there is a POINT to this post, i promise.  i'll let you in on the secret tomorrow ;-)

items i would put in my create-your-own trail mix

1.  granola.  and i have a fantastic recipe for that...i should share it here sometime soon!
2.  dried fruit. cranberries have always been a particular favorite of mine :-)
3.  m&ms.  gotta have a little crunchy chocolate, right?
4.  nuts.  i am a particular fan of cashews.
5.  shaved coconut.  ok, *i* wouldn't put this in, but would you?
6.  dried ginger.  nom, nom.
7.  sunflower or pumpkin seeds.  nice crunch and added flavor
8.  wasabi peas.  mmmm, i LOVE spice
9.  peanut butter, butterscotch or chocolate chips (heavy on the butterscotch...)
10. pretzels (mini)

mmmkay, obviously those all wouldn't go in the same one... ;-)

please play along.  what would YOU put in a trail mix if provided all the ingredients?


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