Thursday, July 21, 2011

thursday's ten: stuff i HAVE done for the wedding...

it's easy to get a bit overwhelmed at this stage
thinking of all that we have left to do
all the money we still don't have

so today's ten is all about what is DONE for the wedding.

1.  i have a DRESS.  hey, that's a big one :-)
2.  bridesmaid dress is also chosen, and everyone has ordered.  truth be told, i assumed we would have several dresses in the same material...but the SAME dress looked fantastic on everyone.  so i got my secret wish of having a matching bridal party!  it's the little things :)

what, you want a picture?  ok.

i was fortunate enough that all my nashville girls, including the flower girl, were able to come to the shop the night i made my final decision.  and anthony's mom & aunts, and my cell group girls.  it was a BIG party :D

here we all are:

ok...NOT.  that's actually from
i can't show you MY dress.  my fiance does read this blog and doesn't want to have any idea.
but i can show you a couple of my girls :)

(mandy, hailey and kat)

 (laura, flower girl israel and natasha)

(ok, flower girl izzy by herself.  her dress will be red as well, by the way)

3.  reserved venues for the ceremony and reception
4.  secured our minister for the day, one of the most Godly men we know
5.  chose our photographer
6.  decided what to do about reception food.  this was especially hard.  wanting to step up slightly from nuts and mints and yet not break the bank was a challenge!
7.  created the wording for our to order them ;)
8.  created a save the date.  we're collecting all the email addresses now for them.  yeah, we're a bit behind on the invitation and save the date bit.  eh.
9.  booked our engagement photo session
10.  at least have a cake to choose the cake!

oh, there is SO much more to do.  but at least i can breathe a bit easier knowing what's DONE! :-D



Brooke said...

sounds like you've got all the important stuff done. i personally love those purple dresses and beautiful white hats! how disappointing that isn't the route you chose ;)

Mattie said...

Sounds like your plans are really coming along! We need to get together soon, I have missed you!