Wednesday, July 6, 2011

hey it's ok (tuesday)

hey, it's ok be all proud of yourself for getting a days head start on this post only to realize that it's actually tuesday and you aren't ahead at all be a bit over the "referee" portion of your job. most of the time the kids play really well together but today seems to be a big giant exception prefer watching live fireworks to watching them on tv, and therefore to have skipped out on all the fireworks broadcasts last night be just a wee bit impatient for your garden to ripen begin this at 7.30 am and wrap up around midnight because thats just how the day went.

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Joann Mannix said...

Thanks for the Landon Pigg. I love him.

I, too, prefer the fireworks on tv. Fighting sweaty crowds isn't worth it to me. Sadly, I am married to a fireworks fanatic who would travel the world for a good show of fireworks.

And just so you know, we made it to U2, with amazing seats. Wasn't it a great show? And too, the Hutton was fabulous. Sadly, though, I did not get to meet my man.

And I am so in love with your city. I travel quite a bit and I've never experienced such a culture filled with music. I want to go back right now.