Tuesday, July 26, 2011

hey, it's ok (tuesday)

hey, it's ok
...to be sort of in love with a friends tea collection. nom, nom.
...to be a little tired of reminding a three year old to make good choices. (there IS a life lesson there somewhere, but i am dragging this morning...)
...to be sad that you have pretty much worn out a pair of flip flops. they are my reef flip flops that i bought in santa barbara in 2007...i guess it makes sense that they're pretty much biting the dust. sand?
...to really want to go to california to replace said flip flops instead of taking the easy way out of ordering online ;-)
...to just want to go back to california, period.
...to think that it's hilarious that jon, the three year old, is running around singing "big bad john"
...to gain inspiration for decorating, etc, from clients homes. i get excited when i see good ideas!
(and i also see some not so good ideas)
...to sometimes get a little overwhelmed by how MUCH there is left to do for the wedding!

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