Saturday, July 2, 2011

it's a great day to SEE U2!!

mmmkay, so i'm a little excited...
because u2 is in nashville tonight!
and we.are.there

in pretty awesome seats, i must add
we splurged a bit
i mean, it is my favorite band
anthony never thought he would have a chance to see them live
when it was announced they were coming
we joined the u2 website to buy our tickets before they went on sale to the general public
a good move, since it sold out extremely quickly!

so...i'm doing boring things like laundry and cleaning
but in a couple of hours
i'll be headed to his parents house
to hang out, have ribs cooked by his dad (mmm!)
and then walk over to the stadium
(yep, walking distance from their place.  yay!)

i talked to a friend this morning who said 'you going tonight?'
and it's pretty common to say when talking about weekend plans
that you're going to 'the concert'
and everyone knows what you're referring to
nashville is kind of buzzing

and for very.good.reason


have a lovely weekend!


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