Monday, July 25, 2011

monday's memory: the one with the baby shower

about 2 years ago, we gathered to celebrate the upcoming birth
of a little boy
friends of ours were expecting their first, and we gathered for a shower
one of the take-homes for the couple was a photo album with pictures of the shower guests
anthony and i were in charge of the camera
and we got a bit bored of normal poses
so this is what our picture for the book ended up being :-)

what wonderful craziness life brings
that baby was finn
the child i took care of all last school year
what a blessing to have been there from the beginning :-)

he still gets excited when he sees me
(i'm hoping that never ends)
and i love the friendship that anthony and i share with his parents

full circle sometimes happens quicker than you expect

my time nannying for finn has ended
(although they've asked if i will please be a regular babysitter.
i had no problem saying yes!)
and i now work with other families as well as other jobs
(which i will tell you about soon)

but relationship
that continues
and i am so blessed
to be surrounded by SO MANY
great people

God has given us community
spread over several states,
a few churches
and many different walks of life

but i wouldn't trade this set of quality folks in my life
for anything!

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