Friday, December 16, 2011

about a wreath

i was typing an explanation of our wreath on a reply the other day and realized
i was talking about much more than a wreath.

you see, when we started talking about decorating our door for christmas
i wanted a simple berry wreath
you know, little red berries...nothing hugely fancy but something a little different
definitely non-traditional

it became apparent pretty early on that a berry wreath wasn't going to fly.
anthony only liked evergreen wreaths
"you know, the traditional kind"

i couldn't think of a way to make a traditional wreath look good
(to me)

i spotted fresh pine wreaths at trader joes
and not only did it smell amazing, i thought
"i can work with this"

and so
i went and bought my berry wreath at target
and tied the two together
and what happened 
was kind of amazing

both wreaths on their own were perfectly fine 
beautiful, in fact, in different ways
and many people would put them up just as they originally were
nothing wrong with that

but the two together made a wreath that
(to anthony and i at least)
is better than either original wreath
they belong together

it's kind of like us, really
anthony and i were fine on our own
but we're better together

and that's not where the similarity stops
see, we had to replace the original pine wreath
because it browned
because WE failed to water it properly
it needed attention
a bit of misting every day

just like us...we need to give our relationship
a bit of attention each day

when i think of it in terms like these
the simple wreath on our front door
means even more to me.



HappyascanB said...

Love love love it!!!

The wreath is beautiful, too!

Blessed Chick said...

Love beautiful!