Monday, December 5, 2011

monday's memory: the one with the flowers

guess who's finally uploaded all the photos from our professional photographer?
so...on with the wedding posts...huzzah!

i knew i wanted something simple in the way of flowers for our wedding

first of all, hello seasonal allergies.  who wants to spend their wedding day sneezing and hearing everyone else sniffle?

i began to look around for bargains on flowers and my friend Mandy told me about a place to go.  basically a floral wholesaler (where all the florists in nashville get their flowers) that you order from 10 days before the event and pick them up a couple of days before.

since we were on a Budget we really didn't look past this.  and we were able to get every single flower for my bouquet, the flower girls, all 7 bridesmaids, and all the tables for under $250.

considering i went with orchids and mini calla lilies (which incidentally were more expensive)...that's saying something.

we DID have to create our own bouquets.  for my girls, i wanted a simple spray of orchids.  i loved the classy simplicity!

for me, i also wanted the orchids with a bit of a red pop.  Mandy and the other bridesmaids put my bouquet together and i was thrilled with the result

and my flower girl had a small grouping of white calla lilies...just a sweet little bouquet to set her apart :-)

i love how he's charming her with her own flowers.  SO stinkin cute!

we also placed a bouquet of calla lilies in the front to honor our deceased grandparents.


i'll be showing you the flowers at the reception in the coming that's it for wedding for the day :-)

happy monday!

(all photos in this post were taken by our amazing photographer and her assistant.  if you're in nashville...seriously people...she's awesome!)



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