Thursday, December 29, 2011

thursday's ten (er...twelve): about 2011

i love looking back at the year, and reflecting.  here's some links and pictures that sum up 2011 for us!

i decided (or rather, i'm pretty sure God decided) that the word of the year was more.
(little did i know...)
and i participated in a gigantic city-wide snowball fight (can't wait to make that tradition!)

we had a sweet valentine's day (which somehow i never got around to posting about...)
we started a marriage prep class
we got engaged

newfound recipes were buffalo chicken stromboli, creamy broccoli soup and sausage ravioli lasagna

i did a little reflecting
we had a scare with emi, but she turned out to be as healthy as can be!

i turned 30

i found and shared recipes for adults-only brownies and chicken burgers with garlic-rosemary mayo

more reflection
longed for the ocean
loved that earth day collided with good friday

i discovered instagram...uh-oh! (if you have it, i'm msmsctchr)
had a few moments where God reminded me He had this
wrote about professional vs nanny life (little did i know i'd be striking the balance between these two worlds within months)
cicadas came and went
and i found inspiration in a bowl of pasta

i shared a sweet story about a teenagers prayer for me (us)
i started a new nanny gig
i shared a starter dream list about a place to live when we started apartment hunting.  little did i know...
i tweaked and made my own recipe for chicken cordon bleu soup

u2 came to nashville! (and we went.  a-mazing)
i learned some stuff from the kids i nanny for
bought my wedding dress and selected the bridesmaids dresses
i went on hcg and started losing weight and feeling fabulous
we picked out our wedding rings
i started a new part-time office job that has turned into much more than that...which i have yet to share here.  oops.

we had our first shower in indiana and took some time to hang out with friends while we were there :-)

we took our engagement photos

i went with my (future at the time) mother in law to atlanta to the women of faith event (which i recapped in september here)
i went to the beach with natasha (and never posted about it...oops!)

lots of wedding planning and hcg diet info...i ended up losing about 25 pounds!

i shared the amazing story of provision with our house
i also shared recipes for stuffed mushrooms, beef flank steak wheels and tabouli salad
and a lot of wedding planning and prep happened :-)

we got married :-)

and honeymooned 
 i shared my recipe for black pepper chicken

i shared recipes for spanakopita and creamy pesto chicken
we participated in the hike for the homeless again
we drove to birmingham for a burger

recipes were posted for blueberry crumb breakfast cake and peppermint joe-joe truffles (or oreo truffles)
we celebrated christmas (a week early) in indiana with my parents and some good friends
we had a great first christmas together, and got to celebrate with anthony's extended family as well

(and emi loves the tree)

2011 HAS been a year of more...more than i could have ever imagined.  thankful to a generous Heavenly Papa who has covered every step of the way.



HappyascanB said...

What a great reflection! Loved it!!!

This was the year of MORE for you! Congratulations!!!!

On KLOVE this morning, they were talking about picking one word for 2012. I think mine would be gratitude. Oh, that I will have a heart full of gratitude in everything.

Grumpy Grateful Mom said...

What a great year! I loved your engagement and wedding photos--beautiful. And I just watched a video of that snowball fight--how fun! I love that tradition!

Brooke said...

what a big year for you!!! and i'm sure your first (full) year of being married 2012 is going to be incredible!!

Amanda said...

Um, you better bring me along if that snowball thing happens again! ;) 2011 was an awesome year for you!