Tuesday, December 13, 2011

hey, it's ok (tuesday) 12.13

hey, it's ok

...to eat a meal that resembles a 2 year olds for lunch. because, hello, i'm eating with a not-even-2 year old
...to have absolutely no idea what to get your father for Christmas...every.single.year.
...to not think it's cute when every status/tweet a 'friend' posts is negative and sarcastic and cuts others down.  not attractive for a 35 year old, sorry to tell you. (off to hit the "unfollow" button directly after posting this...)
...to be oh-so-honored that people took time out of their busy holiday schedules to come to our open house last saturday.  it's something i've done every year (except last year...but you all know that story) -- opened up my home on a saturday afternoon and enjoyed everyone's company.  we cooked and cleaned for the latter part of last week, but it was SO.WORTH.IT.  so grateful that God has placed us in this place...with these people...to share His story
...to forget that my new phone has the option to close apps...and so to have approximately 3000 running until i start wondering why the battery is going down so quickly!
...to never know quite what to say when a friend suffers a loss or is going through a hard time :-(
...to love the charlie brown tree my employers got this year.  i'm looking at it right now and it's precious.

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Mrs. Pedersen said...

I forget to close apps on my phone, too. HA! Oh well, one of these days I'll learn.

My mom just gave me a charlie brown tree. And I love it!

Gia said...

Hey hey hey, you don't have to have a little kid to eat like one!

WhisperingWriter said...

I tend to get my dad a chocolate gift basket from winecountrygiftbaskets.com :)