Sunday, December 11, 2011

meal plan 12.11 - 12.17

getting this up a bit late!

it was a fend for yourself night since we found ourselves going in two separate directions.  i had kimchee with ramen, a particular favorite combo of mine that anthony will never ever taste.  not a fermented cabbage guy, i suppose ;-)

we're having savory stew (which is exactly what it sounds like) at the in-laws for anthony's sister's birthday celebration.  i've also heard mention of derby pie.  yummy!

leftover tikki masala (ladies and gentlement it was GOOD.  definitely remaining in the rotation)

pastrami sliders on rye.  (new recipe)

homemade pizza night, of course.  we didn't get to do this last week after all, so i think we'll do a meat lovers pizza in our own way :-)

we'll be in indiana with my whatever's on THEIR menu

still in indiana.  likely we'll be either dining at our favorite german place or eating with our friends brian and angie.


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