Tuesday, December 20, 2011

hey, it's ok (tuesday) 12.20

hey, it's ok

...to have both discovered and watched the entire season (so far) of "once upon a time" in 2 days time
...to be very excited about the maggiano's gift card the family i nanny for gave us for christmas.  yaaaay date night and warm italian food in the middle of winter :-)
...to bring my hair straightener to work with me when i nanny so i can at least leave looking more normal/less scary
...to realize when reading everyone's christmas cookie blogs that i still haven't made any peppermint bark this year.  gotta get on that!
...to watch baby g VERY closely when she gets near the christmas tree
...to still have a few gifts left to buy, but only because we stretched them among several paychecks so we could still, you know, eat.  ;-)  all will be done by friday except for the ones we're mailing to some of my family members which will just be late. (and that's ok too).
...to be just as excited about wrapping all the gifts as buying them.  it's one of my absolute favorite parts of this season!
...to have pretty much single-handedly polished off the pasta salad my parents had this weekend.  it's nothing special--it's from a box.  but i.love.it.
...to sometimes put aside your crunchy, organic preferring nature to enjoy some good food from a box.  sometimes.  :-)

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Brooke said...

isn't it the best show??? my sister got me sucked in (i had to watch online 2 epis, i got a late start). my heart broke after the winter finale :_(

i had a "chat" with the little man explaining that the ornaments were jay's mamaw's and he'd be really sad if they got broken. then he ran into the kitchen and gave the same speech to my mom.

faith in between said...

Love these! Isn't so refreshing to give ourselves permission sometimes? Great post :)

WhisperingWriter said...

I have Once Upon a Time on my DVR. I need to start watching!