Thursday, July 1, 2010

Thursday's Ten: a day off

today's blog comes to you from a little haven
where i'm shaded from the sun
surrounded by a few boxes that i'm either going through or taking back to storage
and where breezes are blowing the windchimes

it's just a carport
but i'm loving it :)

the family i'm nannying for this summer
left for a week
i drove them to the airport yesterday
and now i have a loooooong holiday weekend to look forward to

some of it will be busy
but i hope most of it will be just like today
i find myself more productive on days where i don't feel rushed or stressed
(anyone else like that?)

so here's what i've done so far today, or am planning to do as the day goes on

1. slept in
2. planted and watered in my little garden
(i should have ripe tomatoes soon!)
3. introduced emi to her new surroundings, outdoor edition
(i know we've been here 2 months nearly, but i wanted her to be comfortable INDOORS first, and today is just gorgeous so it was perfect)
4. cleaned out a bit of the carport
5. returned some emails
6. chatted with the neighbors
7. ate some fresh fruit
8. fixed myself another iced coffee
9. cleaned out the cooler from yesterday's chicken adventures
(that's another blog in itself)
10. sat in the carport with my little macbook on my lap and enjoyed relaxing...because i deserve a day to relax!

oh, there's plenty on the agenda laundry, organizing, cleaning, etc. but i figure i have the whole looooong weekend to do these things. so for now, i'm kicking back with my iced coffee. (which may turn into a nice iced bloody mary later on this afternoon--only 3 hours til 5 pm!)

what about you? what are you up to today...or what do you normally do on a day off?


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Brooke said...

iced coffee. yum! :)