Tuesday, April 19, 2011

hey, it's ok (tuesday) .10

hey, it's ok

...to stay in your pj's past noon on your day off
...to play your babysitting client's xbox kinect for nearly 2 hours
...to have possibly injured your foot while playing xbox kinect and jumping
...to still kind of be in love with trader joe
...to look forward to couponing trips. unfortunately, not to trader joe's.
...to have enjoyed the marriage prep session on finances much more than you thought you would.
...to wonder how on earth you're going to pay for a wedding
...to remember that God has provided every need i've had for the past year...why would i expect anything less for a wedding?
...to ask you to weigh in on my decision. which toms should i get?
(this isn't happening tomorrow, but i've decided to take a few bucks from the next few babysitting jobs and set it aside for them)

red canvas


red twill



Brooke said...

the red twill are my favorite. i like the picnic ones but finding stuff to match would be hard.

Heather @ Mrs. Southern Bride said...

I love all three. One of each? hee hee, I think i would pick that last one...

Casondra said...

I like all three. The picnic would cute as a punch of color with a solid colored shirt, etc. I think my favorite are the twill though.

Tash said...

well you know my favorites, but really i love them all :) ha ha. I play the Kinect ALL day long at the Franklin's literally. :) and there are days I never get out of my p.j.s! Love love lovin you!